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Reference: 511-702-02

Brand: Selden

Chariot Intermediaire MDS 45 avec insert pour sangle

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Comme le nom l'indique, les chariots Selden MDS (Multi-Directionnal Support) sont maintenus dans toutes les directions, rendant les manœuvres de voile plus simples. Un système "full battens" génère toujours des charges laterales sur les chariots, en particulier lorsque l'on choque la drisse pour prendre un ris. Les chariots MDS sont maintenus dans toutes...

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Harken Plain Top Winches
Harken Plain Top Winches

Harken Plain Top Winches

Harken presents us with its range of Plain Top Winches, known for their simplicity, reliability, and outstanding performance. They are designed for easy handling with their sleek design and smooth rotation. These versatile winches are suitable for various applications, from halyards to sheets, whether for competition or cruising. Reliability is a key feature of Harken, and these winches adhere to this standard, withstanding the most demanding marine conditions. Additionally, their simplified maintenance allows sailors to spend more time on the water and less time on upkeep. Harken Plain Top provides a high-quality solution for confident sailing.

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